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Séries Tinto Cão

Tinto Cão is a synonym of Douro! It is one of the most popular grapes for modern viticulture in the region for its adaptability, resistence and good yields. It is a vigorous grape, with small berries and very thick skin, that suggests us a more traditional approach to its vinification in order to discover the best style for this wine.

Drink now or cellar for 10 – 15 years


Tinto Cão


To vinify Tinto Cão for a single varietal wine we carried out several experiments since the traditional food treading process in stone lagares, to small stainless steel tanks. Our conclusion: tradition prevails! Fermentation in stone lagares with traditional foot treading allows us to explore the classic side to Tinto Cão trough a softer but more consistent extraction. After fermentation, the wine ages in french oak barriques (15% new).


A red of great character and expression, with immense aromatic complexity and rusticity, showing aromas of red fruit and herbal suggestions in a charming nose. On the palate, reveals itself rustic, with firm tanins, yet delicate, showing some elegance and finishing off vibrant and lingering.


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