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Quinta de Cidrô Rosé

Making a Rosé wine in the Douro is not an easy task. In a region known for the production of concentrated Ports and powerful Reds, it is quite difficult to produce a rose-like wine with little colour concentration, and at the same time extracting the flavours and aromas necessary for a top quality Rosé. At the beginning of this project, we looked towards Quinta de Cidrô for its high altitude (550m) and cool temperatures, which seemed ideal for the production of a fresh and aromatic Rosé.

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Touriga Nacional & Touriga Franca


We chose the grapes Touriga Nacional foi its fruity and floral character and Touriga Franca for structure and acidity. The harvest of the grapes for this wine is slightly anticipated in order to ensure the freshness and lightness ideal for a Rosé. Fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks, followed by an ageing process of 6 months in the same vessels.


The wine unveils itself bright and seductive, with fine and delicate aromas of raspberry and gooseberry combined with floral nuances. It is balanced, fruitful, elegant and very refreshing with its velvety structure and lively acidity resulting in a lingering finish.





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