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Real Companhia Velha Moscatel do Douro

Moscatel Galego is a very traditional grape widely planted in Alijó, where Real Companhia Velha is holder of Quinta do Casal da Granja, an extensive vineyard located in the heart of this plateau, highly regarded from the production of white grapes. This licorous Moscatel wine expresses all the aromatic caracteristics of the variety, in association with the micro-climatic conditions of the estate.

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Moscatel Galego


Fermentation occurs in stainless steel vats at controlled temperaure, having only 50% of the juice in contact with the skin. Fermentation is interrupted by the addition of vine brandy in order to preserve its natural sweetness and develop a licorous texture.


With an orange-like colour and light golden reflections, this glorious Moscatel reveals itself very aromatic with typical aromas of its kind and suggestions of raisins. Very harmonious in terms of palate, yet expressive and gluttonous.


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