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Silva Reis 30 Years

The style of the 30 years is quite unique and special. During a long period, the candidates to the 30 years blend age patiently in the silence of our cellars, to develop harmonious aromas of spices, candied fruit and exotic oak.

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During its ageing process, its young characteristics of fruit aromas and flavours begin to dissapear and are replaced by subtile, aged notes.  At this time, the experience and knowledge of the Master Blender is essential to predict future developments in these Ports and anticipate the touch each Port will bring to the 30 years blend. The aromas and falvours of these wines are in the hands of the Master Blender, who seeks to create a yet another fine representative of the Silva Reis Port style.


This Silva Reis 30 Year Old Port is a perfect example of our expertise developed over the years in mastering the art of blending old Ports. A Port of classic Tawny colour, with golden shades, revealing a beautiful and complex nose with delicate hints of dry raisins, candied citric and ripe licquorice, combined with ageing notes of exotic oak. On the palate, its richness is shown through its intensity, which lingers in a very mellow form.


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