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Royal Oporto 40 Years

The Royal Oporto 40 Years is a result of time, sacrifice, patience and passion, a Port we define as “aged to perfection” and as fine tribute to Port Wine.

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The exceptional character of this Port is a result of an equally exceptional ageing process in the finest selected oak cascs to acquire a perfect balance of its aroms and flavours. With a distinctive pale medium amber colour and red brown tawny hints, this very old Port is aged patientely in the deep silence and unique atmosphere of the two hundred year old lodges of Real Companhia Velha.

Through the experienced hand of our Master Port Blender, we seek the balance between age, complexity and aroma, in a character that reflects the Douro terroir’s ability to produce wines that age forever.


This is a very special old Port of great aromatic intensity with notes of vanilla, spices and dry citric fruit. Its reveals itself powerful, yet velvety, with an explosion of intense flavours showing its brandy well integrated. It finishes long, with a lively acidity, which highlights its crystalized orange peel falvours in a conglomerate of elegance and finesse.




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