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Royal Oporto White

The Royal Oporto White reveals the essence of White Port making, where more than 50 different indigeonous white varietals are identified in the Douro Valley. At high altitude plateaus, where we own Quinta de Cidrô and Quinta do Casal da Granja, we find the ideal conditions for the production of white Ports.

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Douro varieties in undefined percentages


Royal Oporto White is blended with different white Ports from different years, in which Malvasia Fina is prodominent. The Ports are rigorously selected and aged in old oak vats for an average period of two years.


A young wine, of straw-like colour, with aromas of raisins and sweet fruit. Very balanced, revealing itself very fruity on the palate, with excellent acidity and a long, lasting and sweet finish.


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