DOURO wines - grandjó

Real Companhia Velha owns the beautiful Quinta do Casal da Granja, a 160 ha vineyard located by the small village of Granja de Alijó. This high altitude (600m) plateau is also home to our modern winery. The brand Grandjó was created through a fusion of both words: Granja and Alijó, and it celebrated its one hundredth year aniversary in 2012, becoming the company’s oldest active brand.

The Quinta, located on a pleatau well above the the Douro, benefits from cool breezes which optimize the potential for white wine production. Within the most diverse varieties, Moscatel Galego is the most widely planted. White grapes are picked and fermented with utmost care in order to provide the refreshing and aromatic wines the region is known to produce.