espumante - Real Companhia Velha

The ambition to produce a top quality sparkling wine, with a traditional Champagne blend, is one of the greatest challenges set by our winemaking team.

It is not the first time we are producing sparkling wines at Real Companhia Velha, however, it is the first, in a premium category, produced from Pinot Noir & Chardonnay.

We have had these infamos varieties planted at Quinta de Cidrô and Quinta do Casal da Granja for many years, resulting in a profound knowledge and experience in their vinification, and therefore having achieved a high level of success in this first approach. Every stage in the vineyard selection, winemaking and cellar ageing is itself, a quest for perfection.

The first sparking wines of the new generation made at our winery surprised us for its aromatic finesse, its fine perlage, its notes of brioche and its astonishing freshness in a aggregate of great intensity and elegance.