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Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years

Quinta das Carvalhas 10 years is one of the beautiful Ports made at this emblematic estate. It represents the beginning of a premium range of aged Ports, in which the complexity of flavours and aromas is a predominant characteristic.

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15ºC – 18ºC

Traditional Douro varieties from Old Vines

Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years Decanter

Presenting this 10-year-old Port in a Decanter bottle reflects the traditional method of serving this sublime nectar.


The ageing process of the Ports made at Quinta das Carvalhas is marked by a solid exprission of the Estate’s terroir. Typical of a 10 year old Port, its young characteristics of fruit aromas and flavours begin to dissapear and are replaced by subtile, mellow notes where it is possible to predict reminiscences of spice, nuts, licorice, vanilla and fruit jam. Nevertheless, these wines benefit from the freshness and elegance of north facing vineyards, one of the main characteristics of Quinta das Carvalhas, which offer great aromatic intensity and acidity. At this time, the experience and knowledge of Real Companhia Velha’s Master Port Blender is essential to predict future developments in these wines and anticipate the touch each Port will bring to the 10 years blend.


Reveals a beautiful tawny colour with golden shades, which caracterizes the typicality of the kind. Ripe fruit aromas are integrated with oak nuances and hints of honey and spice, while its flavours unveil caramel and butterscoth. Classic for the Ports produced at this Quinta.


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