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Quinta das Carvalhas Vintage

Vintage Ports represent the quintessence of the wines produced at Quinta das Carvalhas. Produced from selected parcels of Old Vines, these wines of imense power and quality are known for the enormous aromatic complexity, richness in tanins and excelent acidity, which garantees the great potential to age in bottle.
Vintage Ports are only produced in exceptional years and represent only a small portion of the harvest. Their opulent organoleptic characteristics correspond to unusually excellent wines of a kind that are most probably achieved only three years in every decade.

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Cellar for 20 years or more


Old Vines


This Vintage Port is produced from a selected parcel of Quinta das Carvalhas’ Old Vines. The concept of Old Vines derives from a mixture of single varietals (20 to 30) within the same parcel; a technique used by our ancestors as a method of spreading production risks. These vines of almost a century old are the spine for all the great wines produced at Quinta das Carvalhas. Grapes are foot-troded in traditional stone lagars allowing a sorfter extraction. Fermentation is stopped with the addition of wine brandy, preserving natural sugars and the wine then ages for 2 years in old oak vats.


Presents an intense purplish colour, unveiling all its youth. The wine shows a magnificent bouquet with floral nuances and cistus, while on the palate reveals a firm, mineral structure and great definition. Yet, it stands elegant and rich in soft tannins, with a long and persistent finish.


Stilton cheese

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